India Gateway Terminal serves as the natural gateway to the vast industrial and agricultural produce markets of the South & West of India. The hinterland of this port includes the state of Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The dedicated 4 lane highway connects to various national highways in India and the exclusive rail connectivity to the terminal, with the longest rail bridge in India spanning 4.62 kms gives the terminal easy access to the major markets in India.
Coastal connectivity to various ports in West and East coast of India and barging operations using the inland water ways of Kerala, gives the terminal safer and ecofriendly connections to the markets, seldom seen in most other terminals.

Find below the factors which make ICTT special:

Faster Vessel turn around: The 4 Super Post Panamax Quay cranes and 2 Mobile Harbor Cranes, both capable of twin lifts ensure faster loading and discharge from vessels.

Faster Truck turn around: With 15 RTGCs, 3 Reach Stackers and automated yard management is resulting in speedy container delivery.

Easy documentation: ICTT documentation center is has been adequately staffed to ensure faster clearance and minimum waiting time for trucks. The documentation procedures have been simplified. An eForm13 has been proposed, to further reduce the work and time at the documentation center.

Terminal Operating System: ICTT uses an in house developed Terminal Operating System ie Zodiac which is maintained and developed by DPW HO and is widely used in DPW terminals.

  • Zodiac container management software is used for capturing real time information of containers getting discharged, loaded, gated in, and gated out and also shifting to different locations in the yards.
  • Zodiac application used for planning also optimizes productivity by managing and maintaining terminal business transactions and data processing while accurately recording and invoicing all transactions and services.
  • Zodiac application automates billings, data exchange and reporting functions while capturing a complete history of all transactions and work.
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities put key information at the terminal managers' fingertips, enabling them to track performance, improve customer service and increase profitability.

Round the clock terminal operations: The terminal operates 24/7 x 365 days. There are no closed holidays for the terminal.

Flexible cut off time: Export containers can be gated in 6 hours prior to berthing of the nominated vessel. Relaxation on case-to-case is allowed on Special Service Request (SSR). This allows last minute shipments to connect to desired vessel.

Theft/pilferage-free operations: Round the clock inside terminal security at strategic locations ensure theft and pilferage free operation.

State-of-the art work shop: The state-of-the art engineering work shop ensures maximum up-time of the equipments.

SMS tracking: Vessel details and containers can be tracked by sending SMS.

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