Trade Notices 

TN 113 - Preventive Maintenance Inspection of drive through container scanner installed at CSD, ICTT
TN 109- PTI Special Discounted Rates
TN 108-Extended Freetime for Exp.Laden Containers through Mainline Vessels
TN 107- Free Storage Days of 15 Days for Rail Containers
TN 106- Free Dwell time for Exim Laden containers
TN 105- 14 Days Free time for Cashew
TN No. 104 Waiver of Storage Charges
TN No. 102 - Revision of Mandatory User Charges
TN 101 - 10 Days Free Time for Mainline vessels
TN 100 - PTI Special Discounted Rates
TN 99 - Free Dwell Time for Export & Import Containers
TN 96 - Import of Un-shredded metallic Scrap
TN 95
TN-94_COVID_Credit Note Issuance
TN-93_COVID_Storage Waiver
ICTT TARIFF from 10th May 2020
Annexure 1  for TN No. 91
TN No. 91 (Revision in Scale of Rates w.e.f 10 May 2020
TN No. 90 - Weighment Charges
TN 89_09042020
TN No.87
TN No.86_27032020
Trade Notice No.82
TN No. 81- UPI mode of paymen
OOC Printing Facility
DP World Trade Notice No 60 - Extension_20190326070740
DPW Cochin - Exemption of Port Storage Charges for Import Containers_20180820051155
Implementation of Logistics Data Bank (LDB) Services by DMICDC_20181115115318
TN No 62 - Weighment Charges w.e.of 1st July 2019.
TN-71 Import of Un-shredded metallic Scrap
TN N0. 80
 TN - 103  Change in Bubble Gate Procedure