Trade Notices 

5 days for Import containers & 7 days for export containers (TN No_20181219105456
10 days free time for Mainline vessels (TN No_20181219105244
14 days free time for Cashew containers (TN No_20181219105528
15 days free time for Rail containers (TN No_20181219105427
DP World Trade Notice No 60 - Extension_20190326070740
DPW Cochin - Exemption of Port Storage Charges for Import Containers_20180820051155
Implementation of Logistics Data Bank (LDB) Services by DMICDC_20181115115318
Special rates for PTI containers (TN No_20181219105350
TN 53 (Waiver in Port storage charges)_20190211033913
TN No 58 - Import of Un-shredded metallic Scrap_20190308092237
TN No 62 - Weighment Charges w.e.of 1st July 2019.
Import of un-shredded metallic scrap
5 Days For Import Containers & 7 Days For Export Containers (TN No.65)
10 Days  Free Time For Main line vessels (TN No. 66)
14 Days Free Time For Cashew Containers (TN No. 68)
15 Days Free Time for Rail Containers (TN No. 69)
Special Rates For PTI Containers (TN No. 67)
TN-70 Storage Charges For PTI Failed Containers
TN-71 Import of Un-shredded metallic Scrap