IT equipment’s like VHF and VMT are connected to the low capacity UPS. During slack time the RTG’s are switched off, resulting in communication breakdown with RTG’s as the batteries drain out within 10-15 minutes. To avoid this situation the operators don’t switch off the RTG; consuming more fuel and emitting carbon.

10 units of 1 KVA UPS were available with Engineering department, after installation of 2.2 KVA UPS for Engineering equipment’s. These spare 1 KVA UPS’ were used to connect VHF and VMT separately, thereby enhancing the backup power of both IT equipment’s.

The project was implemented after meticulous brainstorming sessions, Pilot study using one of the RTGs and regular discussions at various stages.

After completion of the project, the backup time of IT equipment's were increased from 15 minutes to   45 minutes resulting in the reduction of engine running time.

This would ultimately result in cost savings on account of less diesel consumption and also less CO2 emission.

DP Worlds commitment towards environment and energy has been remarkable over the years; and with the help of this project we were able to provide better work environment for all our employee’s, save energy and protect the nearby community through the reduction of Carbon emission.